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Google Doodle

(Audrey Hepburn in Breakfest at Tiffany’s)

The illustration explores the fluidity of the autonomy of the person/object and how typography can manipulate it. A busy background would have risked legibility by keeping it simple the main focus can pop out. Because of the simple design animating showed some possibility of how the illustration can be interactive with its elements.


Create a new and effective consumer product design for the purpose of revitalizing a retail beverage brand.


The ad focus on words that can sell the product fit with the illustration. Lush bath bombs are trendy for their wide range and cute relaxing bath bomb concepts. Instead of going for the obvious “bomb” approach, inspiration came from the whimsical elegant smell of the product. Using this to visually appeal to the target market who enjoy floral scents.


Combine an objective and subjective approach to the creation of an effective illustration, for the purpose of advertising.

Lush Ad Mockup
Lush Flat