Beverage Re-design
Beverage Package Mockup
Redesign Flat Art

Beverage Re-design

Sam chose the brand AHA a relatively new brand of Coca-Cola. A Brand that can be further explored, as the brand design consists of typography. Sam wanted to express the brand in a visual illustration of the word “AHA”. Also breaking away from the minimalist aesthetic but still keeping it modern.


Create a new and effective consumer product design for the purpose of revitalizing a retail beverage brand.

Event Promo

Harvest Moon festival is primary a music festival. Secondary a place to learn about the agriculture and the community businesses. The design is inspired by Russian Constructivism, emphasizing the music aspect of the festival as the main attraction. The concept fits as the main point of the festival is to bring together urban and locals.


Design theme graphics for an upcoming festival, events in 2022 have struggled with Covid 19 restrictions. The aim is to rekindle interest in festivals both online and in person.

Image one Festival Poster
Festival Bus Promo
Calander Mockup
Calender Boxing Theme
Calander Soccer Theme
Calander iceskating Theme

Sport MB, Calander

The concept focuses on the motion of the sport into abstract shapes. Visually expressing the similarities and differences of each sport. A serif font compliment the illustration shapes keeping the design balance and appropriate for a business gift.


The objection is to visually express the various amateur sports’ excellence as a calendar for Sport Manitoba’s audience.